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Why Now is a Great Time to Change Your Home Air Filters

In case you missed it, we’ve had a nearby environmental landfill recently catch fire. Many of our local customers are dealing with smoke and smells in their homes. While we can’t chase the smoke away for you, we can offer this reminder to change your home’s air filters to reduce your risk of airborne contaminants.

Even if you’re not one of those affected by the fire, now is still a great time to change your home air filters. These filters need to be changed on a regular basis anyway, and now that the hustle and bustle of the new year is behind us, we can start focusing on prepping our homes for spring. Here’s why it matters:

Reduce Your Home’s Air Pollution

Did you know air pollution is worse in the winter? Colder, drier air traps more contaminants. These contaminants enter your home through your HVAC system, leaving your air filters to trap as much as possible. Changing your air filters during the winter allows them to keep working at their best capacity while keeping your indoor air cleaner.

Improve Your Energy Efficiency

An air filter is vital to proper air circulation and airflow. When the air filter becomes clogged with dirt and debris, it restricts airflow in the system. Your HVAC system it has to work harder to move air through a smaller space. This can cause a range of problems, such as higher utility bills, dust accumulation, allergies, and increased wear on HVAC components. To help increase energy efficiency in the home, homeowners should change their air filters regularly.

Lengthen the Lifespan of Your HVAC System

Changing your air filter is key to expanding the lifespan for the entire HVAC system. The air filter collects particles, such as dust and dirt, that circulate through the vents when the system is on. When this dirt builds up over time, it can restrict airflow and cause other problems with the HVAC unit.

By changing the air filter on a regular basis, you prevent these issues and help extend the life of your HVAC system.

Evenly Heat Your Home

Clean air filters help to distribute warm air evenly through your home. Air can move more freely when it’s not restricted by dust, clogs, and other contaminants.

A clogged or dirty air filter causes heated air to be blocked, meaning warm rooms may become stuffy while cooler areas remain cool and drafty. Replacing your old filters with new ones will not only improve airflow but also provide a more even balance between all rooms.

Avoid Emergency Heat Breakdowns

Warm weather is still several weeks away, and we still run the risk of experiencing serious cold snaps. Keeping your air filter clean can help helps prevent emergency heat breakdowns that could leave you and your family without warmth during a cold winter night.

A dirty air filter can impede airflow and restrict warm air from entering the ductwork system. This build-up of debris inside the furnace can cause components like igniters, heat exchangers, and motors to overheat and fail suddenly. If your furnace can’t access fresh air due to a dirty filter, your furnace may emit carbon monoxide into your home.

Get Ready for Pollen Season

Some people call it spring, but here in the south, we know it as pollen season. Cleaning your air filter now will prepare your home for the coming waves of pollen. If your air filters are currently too clogged with debris, the pollen will only make it worse.

You can change the air filters in your home yourself, but now is also a good time to call us for routine maintenance and inspection. Get in touch today to schedule service!

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