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Should You Add a Vent to Your Room?

When you live in Alabama, the sun can be brutal. Especially if you are facing it all day long! To alleviate the constant heat, we’d had homeowners consider adding an extra vent to their rooms that take the brunt of the sun. The hope is it will help cool the room. But is this really a good solution to stay cooler?

It’s not a simple yes-or-no answer. There’s more to consider about adding an extra vent to a room — even if it’s just one vent and just one room.

Here’s some food for thought before you go all in.

Adding a Vent Might Reduce Total System Efficiency

One of the first things you should consider before adding another vent is how it will impact your current HVAC system.

Imagine you have a pitcher of water and a pipe. Pour the water through the pipe and it all comes out of the same end. Now, imagine you have two pipes and the same pitcher of water. Pouring the same amount of water through the two pipes, you have less water coming out of each pipe. With each pipe you add, the amount of water coming through each is less.

Your HVAC system works in a similar manner. When you add an extra vent, you’re increasing the number of places the air in your ductwork needs to escape. In turn, this can reduce the overall efficiency of your system.

If your system has enough tonnage, this usually isn’t a problem. You can consult with an HVAC pro to determine how much tonnage your system needs to support an extra vent.

Your Energy Bills Might Increase

If you add an extra vent and your AC system isn’t designed to accommodate it, you might notice a spike in your energy bills. That’s because your AC system is having to work harder than it used to in order to produce the same air flow.

In addition to the cost of installing a vent, you might need to budget for the extra energy costs each month. This won’t be a huge price difference if you’re only adding one vent, but it’s a cost that many homeowners overlook.

Consider How to Access Your Duct Work

Adding an extra vent to your current system means having to cut into your ductwork. For some homes, this is easier said than done. Slab homes with multiple floors typically have more of a challenge. You will likely have to cut a large hole in your ceiling to run the new ductwork, then repair the ceiling after installing the vent.

There Are Benefits to Adding an Extra Vent, Too

Maybe your room is too large for the current number of vents. Or maybe the vents are not spaced to cover the whole room. There are lots of reasons why adding a vent makes sense, and it can make a difference in your comfort, too!

More vents allow more fresh air to enter your home. It improves air circulation, helping to kick out toxins and pollutants to leave you with cleaner air. This alone can do wonders for your health, and may even improve your allergy symptoms.

Get a Professional’s Opinion First

So, should you add a vent to a room? Your first step should be to see if your system can handle it. If you have enough tonnage to support another vent, the benefits can certainly outweigh the downsides.

It’s always a good idea to consult with an HVAC professional before doing any type of ductwork. Our expertise may help you avoid making a serious mistake that could interfere with your comfort and livelihood. Reach out to our team today!

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