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Referral Program

When your referral purchases an HVAC system, you and your family or friends can both enjoy a $200 reward – refer them today and take advantage of this exciting offer.

How Does Our Customer Referral Program Work?

Our customer referral program is available to all of our current customers. You are welcome to refer your friends and neighbors. Take advantage of our referral program and you unlock a remarkable reward – a $200 Visa gift card, just for you! Refer now and start earning rewards today!


Submit Referral Form

Fill out the referral form with all the necessary information.


Purchase Verification

Wait for our team to verify the HVAC purchase.


Claim Your Reward

As a token of our appreciation, you’ll receive a $200 Visa gift card for each successful referral.

This is the time to refer your friends!

Refer your friends and neighbors to Sewell Service Company and share the exceptional service experience you’ve enjoyed with us. When your referrals become our valued customers and take advantage of our HVAC services, you unlock a remarkable reward—a $200 Visa gift card, just for you!

It’s our way of saying thank you for trusting us and spreading the word about our reliable heating and air conditioning solutions. So why wait? Take advantage of our referral program today and start earning rewards while helping your loved ones achieve indoor comfort and peace of mind.

Join Sewell Service Company in Birmingham and surrounding areas, where exceptional service meets rewarding experiences. Refer now and start earning rewards today! Thank you for choosing Sewell Service Company for your HVAC needs. We look forward to serving you and your referrals with excellence and dedication.


  • One Gift Card per Referred Customer: Each referred customer qualifies for one gift card only.

  • Installation Requirement: The referred customer must have their HVAC unit installed by Sewell Service Company before eligibility for the $200 Visa Gift Card.

  • Gift Card Distribution: The $200 Visa Gift Card will be distributed to the referrer once the installation is completed.

  • Qualification Criteria: To qualify for the $200 Visa Gift Card, the referred customer must replace the entire HVAC system.

  • Accepted Systems & Units: Package Units, Split Systems, and Mini Splits are acceptable for the referral program. All brands, including American Standard, Carrier, Goodman, etc., are eligible.

  • No Referral Limit: There is no limit to the number of referrals a customer can make.

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