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Preparing for Fall: Is Your Heater Ready?

September in Alabama still skews more toward summer than fall, but cooler nights are just on the horizon. When those nights do finally come, you want to make sure your heater is as ready to make the switch as you are.

Too often, we see homeowners struggle with their heaters once cooler weather has already arrived. But we believe the best practice is to prepare early and get your heater ready for fall before you really need it. This way, you can make a seamless transition into the next season with nothing holding you back.

 Here’s how to get your heater ready for fall and avoid surprises:

1. Replace Your HVAC Unit Filter

We advise replacing your HVAC filter once per season. Throughout the year, your filter collects dust, allergens, and other debris and prevents them from blowing through your home. But your filter cannot do its job if it is clogged. What’s more, a dirty filter also restricts airflow, which can make your system less efficient and run up your energy bill.

 Filter replacements are inexpensive and can help you maintain better air quality. When your system doesn’t have to work harder than it has to, your wallet will also benefit.

2. Clean Your Air Ducts and Vents

Dust that bypasses your air filter will travel through your ducts and vents. Sometimes, that dust ends up in the air. Other times, though, it will settle on the walls of your air ducts or on the vents.

 Homeowners should have their air ducts professionally cleaned every three to five years. Professional companies use special tools that travel throughout each duct to clean up dust, mold, and other allergens that might be affecting your home’s air quality.

 If it’s not time for a professional duct cleaning, at a minimum you should dust your air vents in your home. Take a dusting cloth and a crevice tool to clean each vent. Open and close the vents while you clean to make sure you get all the angles and leave nothing behind.

3. Test Your Thermostat

Like many things in your home, your thermostat starts to become inefficient as it ages. Older thermostats are not always accurate with temperature readings. Plus, they can often make your system run longer than it should.

 Before fall, turn up your thermostat to make sure it’s working. Flip it to “heat” and wait a few minutes. Listen for your system to kick on, then go to a vent and make sure it’s blowing warm air. If it’s not, you might need to replace your thermostat or call for heater maintenance.

 If you do need a new thermostat, consider a programmable one that will help you save energy. Another good option is a remote-controlled thermostat that you can manage from your smartphone. Both options can help you save money not just in terms of efficiency, but also in never having to worry about setting the thermostat when you leave the house.

4. Call for Fall Heater Maintenance

Routine maintenance is the single most important thing you can do to extend the life of your HVAC system and keep it running like new. The sooner you call for fall maintenance, the better since so many other homeowners will be wanting to fine-tune their systems, too. Getting on the schedule early means getting priority access and ensuring your heater will work as soon as you need it to.

 Our company is locally owned and has been trusted by homeowners for 30+ years and counting. We travel up to 40 miles to ensure you get the service you need. Contact us today to schedule your fall HVAC maintenance!

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