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Importance of an HVAC Tune-Up

Spring is right around the corner. That’s your cue to ensure everything is running properly with your HVAC unit. As temperatures rise, many homeowners will return to using their air conditioners daily… without a maintenance tune-up. Not only can this cause unwanted damage to your unit, but it could end up costing you more in the long run. Not to mention, technicians will only get busier as the season progresses. However, by scheduling a check now, you can save yourself time, money and avoid any inconvenience.

Those are just a few of the many benefits of a Spring tune-up. Now, let’s take a closer look at why these preventative measures are so important for your HVAC.

Saving Money

Consistent maintenance helps your bottom line in a few different ways. Between preventing costly breakdowns, reducing energy bills, extending the life of your system, and staying protected under warranty, it is well worth scheduling the short time to have your system looked at.

The same way you wouldn’t drive your car for miles on end without an oil change and check, you want to have your HVAC system tuned so it can continue to run smoothly and not create a more expensive breakdown in the future. Another great way to save money is by taking advantage of our Spring HVAC Cleaning Special going on this month!

Longer Life for Your Unit

Regular maintenance this Spring benefits you and your HVAC unit by extending the life of your system and reducing the likelihood of spending big bucks on a new installation soon. In the same way that a regular check-up at the doctor or dentist’s office can increase our life-span, so can an HVAC tune-up extend the life of your unit. The main way this happens is by identifying minor issues before they cause a major problem.

Identify Minor Issues

When a technician comes to clean and check your heating and cooling system, they will also be on the lookout for any minor problems they see forming. When left unchecked these minor problems can quickly turn into major issues that require extensive repairs and money to fix. Identifying these little issues is crucial to the efficiency of your system and therefore makes a regular tune-up that much more important.

Safer Home

For the most part, professionally-installed HVAC systems are done with precision and care and you shouldn’t be running into too many safety issues especially for newer units. However, that doesn’t eliminate the potential for harmful leaks and breakdowns.

Spring season maintenance on your HVAC unit ensures a healthy and safe home for you and all of your loved ones. When you have a professional keeping an eye on the way things are running, you can rest assured that any potential problems or dangers have been addressed.

Peace of Mind

And with a safer home, money in your pocket, and a longer lifespan of your HVAC unit, you are bound to have more peace of mind. Investing in an HVAC maintenance plan allows you the comfort of knowing that even if something were to go wrong, you have already taken the necessary steps to make the situation as smooth as possible. That is well worth the investment.

If it has been a while since you last had an HVAC tune-up in your home, give our professional technicians at Sewell Service Company a call today and let us provide you more peace of mind. And take advantage of our Spring HVAC Cleaning Special before it is too late!

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