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Choosing the Right Thermostat for You

If you are like most people, you probably do not spend much time thinking about thermostats; that is until yours stops working and you’re either left shivering or sweating inside your home.

In that case, it’s time to purchase a new one. But where do you begin? Purchasing a new thermostat is a major decision and not one you want to make in a hurry. The hope is that a new one will last you a while, so you don’t want to regret your choice for years to come. If now is the time to replace your ancient thermostat from the 1990s, we have a few tips to help guide you to the best options for you and your home.

Make Sure it is Compatible 

Did you know that not just any thermostat will work in your house? You must first and foremost, verify that your heating and cooling system is compatible with the thermostat you choose. There are a few different types of systems, but the most commonly used is the central heating system, or central heat and air system. This type can be a 24 volt, gas, oil, or electric. A few other system types include heat pump, electric baseboard, fireplace, and floor/wall furnace.

Different Kinds of Thermostats to Consider 

Manual/Mechanical: A manual thermostat is controlled by setting the temperature yourself. It will stay at that temperature until you change it and is recommended for those who like their home to stay at one fixed temperature.

Programmable: This kind of thermostat is one of the most efficient in the way that it makes the most use of your system by automatically changing the set temperature throughout the day. A programmable thermostat allows you to set your desired temperature at different times during the day and at night then never have to touch it again. The thermostat is programmed for changing the temperatures so you don’t have to worry about it.

Smart Thermostat: A popular choice here recently has been smart thermostats which are now offered by many different companies. The benefit of a smart thermostat is that like the programmable ones, the temperature adjusts on its own. However, instead of programming that yourself, the smart thermostats learn as you use them to come up with a schedule based on your preferences. In many cases, the smart thermostats can connect to your home’s wi-fi network and easily monitored from a smartphone or other device.

While they may be more expensive on the front end, smart thermostats can save you money by turning off your HVAC system when you are not home and learning your schedule. Because these are newer in many cases, we do recommend going with trusted brands who have been making thermostats for many years, such as, Honeywell.

Contact a Professional to Help You Install

Unless you are a professional or have done all your research, purchasing and installing a thermostat can be a large undertaking and cost you more money in the long run if not handled properly. Let our professionals at Sewell Service Company point you in the right direction. If the time is right for you, we are happy to help guide you to the best thermostat for your home!

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