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6 Tips to Keep an Even Temperature in Your Home

Your biggest priority is to stay warm inside when it’s cold outside. But even with a great heating system, your home doesn’t always heat evenly. You might walk into one room that makes you sweat, while another room forces you to bundle up. What can you do to regulate your entire home’s temperature and feel predictably comfortable?

Try these tips for even home heating without stressing your furnace.

1. Open or Adjust the Air Vents

If one room in your home seems colder than the others, there’s a good chance it’s simply not getting airflow. Check to see if someone may have closed the vents. This will allow your warm air to circulate and avoid cold spots.

Also, check to see if each room’s vents are open all the way. A little adjusting is a quick and easy fix to regulate your home’s temperature.

2. Get Your Ducts Professionally Cleaned

Dirty ducts can make a difference in how evenly your HVAC heats your home. Too much buildup can restrict air movement, which might imbalance your home’s temperature. A professional duct cleaning not only removes dust and buildup, but it also inspects for holes in your ductwork. Any holes will need to be patched ASAP to keep warm air moving through your system.

3. Used a Zoned Heating System

By dividing your house into separate temperature zones, you can heat each room to the exact temperature you need while saving money on your energy bills. If you don’t want to heat all parts of your home, you don’t have to.

You can set temperatures in each zone according to individual preferences, which is perfect if you have different family members living in the same house. Plus, because certain areas aren’t being heated unnecessarily, you’ll save money over time by not wasting energy on unused rooms.

And if you notice some rooms heat up faster than others, you can adjust your zoning to avoid overheating those spaces. It’s like giving each zone its own thermostat rather than trying to maintain the same pattern throughout your whole home.

4. Check Your Attic Insulation

Attic insulation helps keep warm air from escaping during winter months, while preventing unwanted heat from entering during hot summer days. If your home isn’t maintaining a good temperature balance, make sure your attic has end-to-end insulation.

You might notice a correlation between missing insulation and colder temperatures in the room below. Warm air rises, so the heat in those rooms might be escaping through your roof.

5. Right-Size Your HVAC System

Size matters when it comes to heating your home. Different HVAC systems are capable of handling different capacities. If yours is too small compared to the size of your home, it will struggle to heat your home evenly.

This may be the case if you have added onto the home’s main structure or if your home was recently built or had a new HVAC system installed.

6. Reseal Your Windows and Doors

Warm air can escape your home through cracks in your doors and windows. Check the seal on each potential escape hatch to ensure they’re in good condition — if they’re not, you can easily and inexpensively replace them.

Get Help Regulating Your Home’s Temperature

Tried the above tips for getting an even temperature in your home and still feel those hot and cold shifts? Give our technicians a call — we’ll find and fix the issue so you can keep comfort in its place.

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