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5 Tips to Reduce Summer Cooling Costs

All it takes is one step outside to feel that the hot Alabama summer is in full swing. For many homeowners, this brings a difficult choice every year: do you keep your home at a comfortable temperature or do you try to keep your energy costs in a reasonable range?

With the right strategies, you can actually do both. Try these top tips to reduce your summer cooling costs without feeling uncomfortably hot all summer long.

1. Use Black-Out Curtains

When the sun comes in through your windows, it creates something called solar heat and raises the temperature inside the home. You can keep that extra heat out by blocking out the sun as much as possible. Sun-blocking shades and curtains are designed for this exact purpose. Window awnings can help as well by providing external shade for your windows.

2. Set Automatic Programs on Your Thermostat

Most modern thermostats are programmable so you can set them to target different temperatures at different times. If your entire family is out of the house from 9 am until 4 pm, for example, you can set your air conditioning to a higher temperature during that time because the house doesn’t need to be comfortable. You can turn the temperature down starting at 3:30 so that it’s cooler by the time you get home.

3. Keep an Eye on Your HVAC Filters

Your HVAC system has an air filter to block out pollution, dirt, and allergens from continuously circulating or blocking up your system. The filter traps those particles inside it, though, so the fuller your filter becomes, the harder your system needs to work in order to push air through it.

To minimize that extra work and keep your cooling costs lower, keep an eye on your filter and change it as frequently as every one to three months. We suggest checking your filter every month and replacing it if it’s visibly darkened.

4. Use Overhead Fans While You’re Home

Overhead fans can be effective tools for keeping your home comfortable, but they’re often misunderstood. Fans make the room feel cooler for you because of the air movement on your skin, but they don’t actually lower the temperature of the room.

To use them in the most efficient way, use your ceiling fans only in rooms you’re currently in. This lets you set the thermostat higher in your home without feeling the heat. Always turn off the fan when you leave the room, though.

5. Check Your Seals

If your windows and doors don’t have effective seals, your hard-earned money is leaking out from those cracks. On a hot day when your air conditioner is on, go outside and check each door and window to see if you can feel cool air coming from the edges of it. If you can, use caulk or weatherstripping to restore its seal and improve your energy efficiency.

Reducing Your Summer Cooling Costs

This summer, you don’t need to choose between a comfortable home and an affordable energy bill. With the simple tips above, you can do both at the same time. If, however, your low energy efficiency stems from larger issues with your roof or your insulation, our experienced team is here to help. Call our experts today to discuss your roofing or insulation needs.

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