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3 Reasons Why My Air Conditioner is Blowing Warm Air

When it’s finally time to switch your thermostat from heat to air conditioning, you expect to be greeted with a blast of cool, fresh air. That’s why you might be confused when you flip the switch on your AC unit and feel like you’ve turned on a fireplace.

No, you’re probably not imagining things. Air conditioning units can sometimes blow warm air, even though that’s not what they’re designed to do. There are a few common causes of this, all of which can usually be quickly and easily resolved.

Let’s look at a few things you can check.

1. A Dirty Air Filter

One of the most common culprits we see when an AC unit is blowing warm air is a dirty air filter. When dirt, dust, and Dupree are clogging the air filter, fresh air cannot properly move through to cool the home. This strains your AC unit, which can cause it to blow warm air.

Ideally, you should check and clean your air filter every year. If the air filter is dirty, the simple fixes to replace it with a clean filter and see if that solves your warm air problem.

2. Dirty or Frozen Evaporator Coils

It might sound counter-intuitive, given that we live in a warm climate year-round, but the evaporator coils in your AC unit may be frozen. The evaporator coils’ job is to pull heat from the house and initiate the cooling process. Condensation is created during this process, which drips into a pan and is moved out of the unit.

 However, too much moisture that lingers on the evaporator coils can freeze, which will prevent heat transfer. The result of course is feeling warm air blowing through your vents instead of cool air.

 You can check for frozen evaporator coils yourself. Kill the power to your air conditioning system, then open the access store to view the evaporator coils. Any signs of ice or frost means your system will need to thaw before you can effectively run it. In some cases, this process may take as long as 24 hours. Do not run your system until it is completely thawed.

 You may also want to check the condensation drip pan and drain to make sure there are no clogs that will prevent them from removing moisture from the system.

3. Refrigerant Leaks

Refrigerant is a compound in your air conditioning unit that is responsible for producing cool air. But when you have a refrigerant leak, the air conditioner is lacking a critical component to produce cool air. If you have frozen evaporator coils, there’s a chance that you may also have a refrigerant leak because these leaks can lead to frozen coils. Another sign of a refrigerant leak is a higher electric bill without a reasonable explanation.

 Refrigerant leaks can only be fixed by a skilled HVAC technician who has the proper certifications and training to handle refrigerant.

Make Spring A/C Maintenance a Priority Today!

The bottom line is this: if your air conditioning unit is blowing warm air instead of cool air, it’s probably time for maintenance. We’re here to help you keep your air conditioning unit in tip-top shape, and the sooner the better so that the summer heat doesn’t stand in your way.

 Right now, we’re offering an annual agreement that includes two inspections and cleanings per year for just $159. Schedule yours today while the weather is still mild, because it doesn’t stay that way for long here in the south.

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